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Vernisha Crawford - V Coaching Services, LLC


To help people GET THINGS DONE!


Do you have an idea but don’t know what your next steps should be? Are you stuck on what do with a project? Do you need additional tools to help you at work? Want to impress your boss and get promoted? Are you overwhelmed with work? Suffering from Anxiety? Do you feel stuck in a situation? Do you feel like you are unproductive? Maybe you have too many things going!

Whatever it is there is a solution to every problem you may face. All you need is 15-Minute Consultation with ME, to begin the journey of discovering it. I provide an array of services built from my skills and experiences that will help you with work and life.



My Work

I have been blessed with the ability to create three very different organizations that just so happen to compliment each other in the grand scheme of things. My companies are like children to me. I was excited at the beginning and as time has passed, I have quickly learned that each one needs very different things which requires me to be flexible and maintain my personal standard of excellence.


With collaboration and partnership at our core, B.Y.E. operates as a for-profit with a social conscience; dedicated to ensuring that all training, coaching, and programming for youth is not only engaging but impactful so that our youth will THRIVE in any adverse situation.


Miss All Natural shifts the focus of young ladies from external pressures to personal development. Catering to female students in high school and college, ages 14-24, we dedicate 8-12 weeks to Self-Love, Collaboration, & Support. (All Natural is defined by the absence of makeup, hair weaves, extensions, artificial nails, eyelash extensions, body shapers, and cosmetic surgery.)


Things To Consider

Do You Have Balance?



Individual Downfall

Don’t fake it till you make it.
Do the research and learn!
— Vernisha Crawford
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